Elon Musk's mother is very beautiful, doing modeling at the age of 75- PHOTOS

Credit- X/@mayemusk)

The world's richest man and CEO of SpaceX-Tesla company, Elon Musk is often seen with his mother at big events.

His mother's name is May Musk. She is 75 years old. She is very beautiful. Along with this, she is no less than anyone in the matter of fashion.

May Musk is a model, dietician and nutritionist by profession. He has written many books on health. There is also a book on adventure, beauty and success.

She is the oldest woman in the world to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue magazine. People praise his looks a lot.

She always stands against those who comment on the increasing age of women. She shares her pictures on her Instagram and X accounts.

May was divorced from Alan's father Erl in 1979. Whereas the marriage took place in 1970. they have three children. He has raised these children in Canada and South Africa.

She says that since the time Allen was 3 years old, she knew he was a genius. Both mother and son are very close to each other.

May Musk has been modeling since the age of 15. He was born on April 19, 1948 in Canada. But she came to South Africa in her childhood itself.

According to Vanity Fair magazine, May was a finalist in the Miss South Africa contest in 1960. She also shares old pictures of her modeling.

He also shared pictures from his 1970s photoshoot in December 2022. She likes her white hair only.

He believes that there is no need to hide increasing age. When she travels around the world, people tell her that her hair is very beautiful.

Apart from his son Alan, he has another son Kimbal and daughter Tosca. He has brought up all of these in South Africa.

May Musk's marriage with Earl Musk lasted only 9 years. Elon Musk has spoken out against his father in the past.

May also said that he used to be quite violent during the relationship. He used to behave badly with her in public. She was afraid to tell anyone then.

While giving an interview to Harper's Bazaar magazine in 2019, she said, 'He used to repeatedly tell me that I am stupid, ugly and boring.'

"He was rich but he made sure I had nothing," May said. When the children were with me, he used to meet them on weekends.

May told in 2022 that after the divorce, she came to Canada with her children. He said, 'After marriage, I had pain in my intestine for a long time. I was worried about not being able to feed the children.

However, her husband Aron has rejected these allegations. He says that he was not physically or emotionally violent in their relationship.

Today, May is associated with big brands related to fashion. She says that the dreams she had at the age of 18 are being fulfilled when she turns 70.